Workflow Automation in Excel with VBA


Drastically boost your productivity and accuracy

We spend our professional time engaged in workflows. The more time consuming a workflow, the less productive we are overall. The more rote and repetitive a workflow, the higher our chances of making a mistake. How much time do you spend on rote and repetitive workflows in Microsoft Excel?

This course will teach you to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a built-in scripting language in Microsoft Excel, to automate and expedite your common workflows. You'll learn how to enable a scripting environment connected to Excel, how to programmatically inspect and manipulate data, and how to build tools to save time and reduce errors.

Who Should Attend

  • Busy professionals who want to boost their productivity and indispensability at work.

  • Consultants hoping to build tools for clients.

  • Managers attempting to drive team efficiency.

  • Students who want to add value in a job.

  • Anyone using Microsoft Excel for repetitive or error-prone tedious workflows.

Why Attend

  • Take command over the most popular data storage and manipulation tool in the world.

  • Save time and money on your workflows with simpler and more powerful methods.

  • Become the owner and caretaker of the tools that others rely on to keep up with work.

  • Solidify your place in the new economy.

What You Will Keep

  • All exercise worksheets with affiliated answer keys and instructor comments.

  • Several flexible tools for automation of your common Microsoft Excel tasks.

  • Access to a network of like-minded people for continued learning and sharing of material.

  • A certificate from Inly attesting to your skill.

More Information

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