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Following gradual headcount reductions over the past several years, many industries have recently experienced sudden major shocks, drastically accelerating the trend. People are getting laid off, and the number looking for work has swelled. The firms fairing best are data-centric – capable of capturing, organizing, and utilizing data to drive efficiency and innovation. Nimble, entrepreneurial, and results-driven, these firms are expanding their footprint while their less sophisticated counterparts recede.

This is the new industry, and the workforce must adapt their traditional skillsets to remain relevant. This is a time to invest in bolstering your data-centric skillset.

data-centric skillset.JPG

Innovation acculturation - The drive to constantly conceive and consider alternative possibilities rather than rigidly adhering to tradition.

Data-Driven Decision Analysis - The commitment and capacity to derive logical decisions from analysis of collected relevant data.

Digital Project Scoping - The ability to assess the practicality and resource requirements to pursue data-driven innovation experiments.

Personal Implementation - the competency to execute light software scripting and data science methods directly.

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