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Expect interaction.

We’ll use video conferencing for the sessions, so you’ll need a computer with a web camera and microphone (most come with these things built in). We will offer training on the virtual learning environment before we begin, but here is a summary of how these environments will be used.

Each course will consist of some amount of lecture time, large group activity time, individual exercise time, and small group exercise time. During the small group exercises, we will send you to virtual break out rooms where you can discuss challenges and work on problems. As often stated, one of the best ways to learn something thoroughly is to teach it to others. If you understand a concept that someone else is struggling with, you can use the small group exercise as a way to reinforce that concept for yourself and bring someone else up to speed. The instructor will move between small group sessions to ensure that everyone is on the right track.

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(Credit: Zoom, Inly will never share your likeness without your permission)

We recommend that you have your camera on during the sessions. This encourages you to bring your full attention to the course, helps the experience feel more consequential, and leads to better learning for everyone. We understand that many are working from home offices or environments somewhat beyond their control. On your video camera, others might catch glimpses of a cat or a toddler, for example. This is part of how the world works these days, and we are comfortable embracing it. As an alternative, you can always choose a virtual background to use. Virtual backgrounds replace your real world background with an image, allowing you to be seen while hiding everything else behind you. We can help you set this up if it is your preference. All that we ask is for you to mute your microphone whenever you are not speaking.

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