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Expect results.

When the world hears you can automate processes and utilize data science, they will want to check it out. While the value of automation and data science is increasingly apparent to all, the concepts and execution are opaque to most. Certificates and vague assurances about theory are not adequate. From our experience, those in a position to hire or promote you want to be inspired by what you can demonstrate. The most powerful way to show these people how you can add value is to talk them through a project you did that they can see and interact with. Any doubts as to what you are capable of will dissolve, and the discussion will turn to how you might be able to transfer your capabilities to addressing their needs.

This is why we give you a strong intuitive understanding of the methodologies, a variety of tools and techniques to work with, the ability to speak professionally about these things, and then, to really boost your potential, we can offer you a valuable project to speak about. Your project will live online and will be completely yours to control, edit, and share as you choose.


If you are carrying out an independent project with us, we can agree together on the project's purpose, scope, and process. Likely, it will be related to your personal interests or your profession. Beginning when you feel ready, you can book sessions with us to receive coaching. You can use these sessions to brainstorm the trade offs of various approaches, to help you get unstuck whenever you hit a dead end, or to practice showcasing your work.

Want to carry out a project?

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