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“The resilience of individuals has never ceased to amaze me. When people in our sector have opportunities to develop their skills, they can make quick progress and show results that can be really impressive. For that reason, providing skill-building opportunities for workers now is a very helpful thing to do."

- Marvin Odum, Ex-Shell Oil President, May 2020



Of participants recommend Inly

The instructor showed adequate knowledge to teach this course



The Instructor was Engaging



Given that it was virtual, the course learning environment was effective



"Thank you for the amazing learning experience of the past eight weeks. This course was very timely for me - it challenged me to solidify my Excel VBA skills, especially the concept of breaking down large subroutines to make very modular programs, while also introducing Python, and data science skills. Perhaps one of the best teaching moments was walking through how a loop works by practicing it manually. I already understood the concept myself, but it was most refreshing to see you present it in such a practical and accessible way. After all, loops are the foundation of all practical automation and many data science approaches."


- Alexander McCaskill, Geotechnical Engineer at HNTB

“Thank you very much for delivering such a wonderful course. I am very impressed with your programming skills and how you can use Excel for Data Analysis.”


- Syed Adnan Haider Zaidi, Senior Geologist, Pakistan Oil-Fileds Limited (POL)

"The Random Forest presentation was great and will have many applications. Alec is exactly right to use Excel as a software platform...most of us still only use '10%' of its capability."


“They answered every single question very comfortably. The contents were organized well.”


- Takumi Nemoto, Reservoir Engineer, JX Nippon Oil Exploration

Hear from a previous attendee of Inly's free summer course for University of Houston students through the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE).

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