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Your Industry is Changing

Regardless of your job title or profession,

you're more likely to be hired and promoted if you can automate processes and enable decisions from data

You're more likely to lead others, control budgets, and drive major change within your organization

You're more likely to receive offers from other industries, because your skills transfer.

And here's the thing:

Getting up to speed is absolutely within your grasp.

You got this.

About Our Programs

Firms in industries around the world are competing to automate processes and make better use of their data. Chemical companies, political campaigns, online retailers, insurance brokers, and every other sector is either actively pursuing these goals or is being woken up to the potential. Often, this wake up process is initiated by individuals working within the firm. These individuals have the vision and the hard skills to make something remarkable happen: they automate a process and free up enormous time for higher value-added work, or they create a system that organizes and interprets data to guide better decisions. When this happens, the value is undeniable. They become heroes, and their firms want more.

About Our Content

At Inly, we have four guiding principles for content development: it must be engaging, it must be intuitive, it must be efficiently delivered, and it must be practically useful. There are many Python courses online, but they tend to offer only prerecorded lectures with no individual support, they tend to make false assumptions about the background knowledge of their participants, they tend to require an enormous amount of time to complete carefully, and they tend to teach academic and theoretical skills hard to put to use directly in the workplace.

When we started creating this content a year ago, we set out to do things differently, and the feedback we are getting says it's working.

About Inly

Inly was founded in 2014 out of the Stanford Graduate School of Business to empower employees at multinational corporations to achieve innovation in the workplace. This began with the development of corporate entrepreneurship programs for such firms as Intel and with innovation consulting work for such firms as AECOM. Inly's work focused on application of design thinking best practices, including empathizing with the client firm incumbent workforce and uncovering practical opportunities for these people to create value and improve efficiencies. Inly's work also focused on digital transformation and technical execution, including extensive client technical training. Gradually, Inly began to expand the technical and design thinking workshops, offering them to universities around the world and to industry workforces through professional societies. Inly has worked with dozens of companies and schools and with thousands of professionals and students.

To see more about who we work with or request a private workshop:

The Inly Team

Alec holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS in chemical and biomolecular engineering from Rice University. He has worked in new venture creation, process automation, and digital transformation for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Outside of Inly, Alec is cofounder and CEO of text analytics firm DelfinSia.

David Bass Clark

David is an educational technologist with a background in digital learning and AR/VR. He has helped organizations including Disney, Apple, and Google with the utilization of technology to enable creative and practical education on the job. He has founded a school and taught at several others.

Wanjun Zhang

Wanjun has a background in technical instruction, SaaS consulting, and process automation for robotics. She founded educational nonprofit Code Park Houston, served as community manager for Houston’s makerspace TXRX Labs, and currently serves as the director of Women Who Code Houston.

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Future Team Mate

Inly is hiring to meet growing demand. Want to help us expand and deliver our services? This spot is reserved for you.

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